About Sahaja Yoga

The word ‘Sahaja’ means ‘born within’ and ‘Yoga’ means ‘the connection with the all-pervading power of the Divine. Sahaja Yoga (‘Sahaj Yog’ to be precise) was discovered by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, back in the year 1970. The technique of Sahaj Yoga can lead us to a state of true meditation, by utilizing the power of an inbuilt subtle system. This state is called ‘Thoughtless awareness’ which is free from any distraction coming in the form of thoughts. During thoughtless awareness, we can experience and enjoy the present moment without any distractions from the past or future. Your consciousness works in flow with your inner energy (Kundalini). Being in this state makes you peaceful and balanced while improving your wellness and relationships over time.


“The Self is the Spirit. This Spirit resides in the heart of every human being and is in a witness-like state. The Spirit is the projection of God Almighty, while the Kundalini is the projection of the power of God, of His desire which is the Primordial Mother, or you can call it Adi Shakti, Holy Ghost, or Athena. So the Kundalini is the projection of the Holy Ghost, while the Spirit is the projection of God Almighty. The All-pervading Power of love is the power of the Primordial Mother, which creates and evolves, and does all the living work.”

Subtle System

Subtle System

Kundalini Energy

The biological basis of all forms of spiritual experience, religion, genius, and higher consciousness. The evolutionary energy residing in the human body. Kundalini isn’t just “Kundalini Yoga,” as most people know it — it actually represents the biological basis of all spiritual experiences and, we believe, the force driving the evolution of humanity.” Kundalini, derived from the Sanskrit word “kundal” meaning “coil,” is a conscious, evolutionary energy lying dormant at the base of each person’s spine in the sacrum bone. When this energy is awakened, it begins its journey upwards through your central energy channel, the Sushumna. Piercing through and purifying the chakras along the way, this energy finally emerges at the top of the skull. It is at this point that Self-Realization takes place, and the Kundalini is united with the all-pervading power of Divine Love.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Meditation can lead to a balanced life in all the aspects.

Self Realisation is priceless

“So one should understand that you are not to pay for this. You are not to pay for what I say to you, or for my lectures, or anything, or for your Realisation, not at all, not a single pie for that. You cannot pay for it. It is so invaluable. … It is absolutely overflowing. It’s absolutely freely coming to you. So you cannot pay for it. It’s Love, and Love you cannot purchase.” – H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, London, 1982

Note: All Sahaja Yoga classes and sessions are Free.

Experience your Self-Realisation now

Shri Mataji giving the experience of Self-Realisation

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